• Saudi diplomat’s killing puts Bangladesh in a tight spot
  • Inspiring the future for girls
  • Patriarchal state and Jumma women’s agency
  • Constitutional, legal provisions not enough to ensure women’s emancipation
  • Women in arts of Bangladesh
  • SEC fines Fine Foods chair, family members Tk 3.31cr
  • Tamim finally declared fit
  • Opposition desperate to save war criminals: PM
  • Nat’l Museum fails to display items for space constraints
  • Syrians bombard rebels
  • Pointer to growing displeasure with govt’s India policy
  • War crime, not loss of honour
  • ‘We could not play desired role on women’s right to property’
  • Depicting women issues in contemporary theatre
  • Stock advisory service rule approved
  • Akram quits over selection row
  • CCC to set up satellite town at Kalurghat
  • Hundreds more evacuated in Australia floods
  • Whither foreign aid?

Syrians bombard rebels

Syrian tanks bombarded opposition areas in Homs overnight and the Red Cross tried for a sixth day to gain access to Baba Amr, a fallen rebel stronghold where activists have reported bloody reprisals by president Bashar al-Assad’s forces. Full story

Hundreds more evacuated in Australia floods

Hundreds more people were evacuated Wednesday in Australia’s flood-hit southeast, as residents of the city of Wagga Wagga breathed a sigh of relief after a levee on the Murrumbidgee River held firm. Full story

Libya leader threatens ‘force’ to foil east autonomy bid

Libyan leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil on Wednesday said he would defend national unity ‘with force’ if necessary, after tribal leaders and a political faction declared autonomy for an eastern region. ‘We are not prepared to divide Libya,’ Abdel Jalil said... Full story

Palin leaves door open to White House run

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin declined Tuesday to rule out throwing her hat in the ring at the Republican convention in August, if pressed to run for the party’s White House nomination. Full story

Romney tightens grip on Republican nomination

Mitt Romney edged out rival Rick Santorum in a nail-biter vote in Ohio as he tightened his grip on the 2012 Republican presidential nomination with a string of Super Tuesday wins. Full story

16 killed in Iraq attacks

Attacks in Iraq killed 16 people Wednesday, including 13 who died in twin bombings in the northern town of Tal Afar, just weeks before the country is due to host a landmark Arab summit. The violence, which also left 24 people... Full story

Six British soldiers killed in Afghan blast

Six British soldiers were killed when their armoured vehicle was hit by an explosion in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan, a British military official said on Wednesday, taking the British toll to 404 since the 2001 US-led invasion to oust the Taliban. Full story

Mayawati resigns

Mayawati, who was rejected whole-heartedly by Uttar Pradesh in the elections, has resigned, reports NDTV (an Indian commercial broadcasting television network). She met with the Uttar Pradesh governor... Full story

Thousands protest ANC policies in South Africa

tens of thousands of protesters marched through South African cities on Wednesday in a protest by the powerful Cosatu labour body, the latest sign of tensions within the ANC-led government. Full story

Rahul Gandhi stumbles on path to power

Dismal results in state elections have raised serious doubts over the ability of Rahul Gandhi, often tagged India’s ‘prime minister-in-waiting’, to live up to his destiny. Rahul, the son, grandson and great-grandson... Full story

Russia election ‘insult to civil society’

Russia’s presidential polls won by Vladimir Putin were an ‘insult to civil society’ due to mass violations, an activist group fronted by celebrities said Wednesday, refusing to recognise the results. Full story

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