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No one would argue that the most popular timepiece that ever came out from the halls of Bienne, Switzerland, was the 1969 Speedmaster. But on that same year, another icon was born, one of which was living under the shadows of its brethren, a manual-wound chronograph with a GMT-function, the original aviator piece from Omega, the Flightmaster. In 1962 Omega presented the Speedmaster ref. 105.002 and in 1963 the Speedmaster 105.003. Both have a similar design, however with one (minor) technical difference.

The diameter of the bezel has been enlarged from 38.6mm to 39.7mm between these two references. For the rest of their characteristics, though, these are essentially the same watch. Evolutions are also noticeable on the materials used. For instance, the ceramic bezel still relies on theLiquidmetal technology for seamlessly interacted scales, yet this bezel now also integrates rubber to create a contrasting 15-minute scale. The dial is no more traditionally done in brass but is crafted from ultra-resistant polished ceramic.

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For this newOmega Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black, the Biel-based brand comes not with one watch but with already a small collection, comprising 4 watches, which can be divided into 2 themes. The first ones (Black and Black/Gold) are more lifestyle-oriented products, while the two others (Black/Blue and Black/red) are more professional tools.Replica Omega Planet Ocean watches Well, that's up to you, but you'll be able to specify which of the 2,012 watches you'd like to buy. Quite cool. This number will be on the caseback,

alongside the SpeedmasterĄŻs iconic Seahorse medallion, encircled by the words SPEEDY TUESDAY ANNIVERSARY - A TRIBUTE TO ALASKA PROJECT III. Circling the outer-edge of the caseback is the word RADIAL. Big questionĄ­ IĄŻm looking forward the deployment of the antimagnetic technology on the in-house chronograph movements. I have no clue when they will do it but they will do it for sure. If you set the 1861 apart, the entire production of Omega now uses the co-axial technology. IĄŻm thus expecting them to do the same with their antimagnetic expertise.

Yet, you probably know the deal when it comes to break records. To achieve a resistance of x, you have to test to a strength of x+50. As you can imagine, in order to make sure that the watches commercialized with a resistance of 15,000 Gauss are really achieving what is claimed, Omega must have done tests to much higher magnetic fields And they did.

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